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So...What's Next?

With the end of my Dedicant Program finally in site, I find myself wondering "What's next?" Within ADF, the DP is quite literally the gateway to all other study programs. You are suddenly able to do the Guild Study Programs, as well as the Generalist Study Program, the Initiate Study Program, and the Clergy Training Program. I have honestly never thought beyond the Dedicant Path to decide what I wanted to do beyond it. Maybe that is odd, but it's the truth. I know the Initiate Program could be very interesting...and the Generalist Study tends to help out with a lot of the Guild Study Programs. Maybe I'll do the Brewers Guild stuff....or do I want to apply for the Clergy Training Program? It's hard to tell.

I think I will probably start with the Initiate Program and see what happens from there. Some of the Guild Programs seem fun so we'll see what happens. Overall, I'm just stoked to finally be considering something other than the DP!

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