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Updated: May 11

One of the other big changes in my life during my posting break was a change in careers. This gave me the opportunity to switch from working in an office to working remotely from home. This meant that I had to create an "office" space in my home for

me to be in daily and be productive. I've used this space as both my work area,

but also as a shrine to Athena. Here is my empty chair and corner of my desk, along with the wall beside it. While the wall may look a bit chaotic, it's got multiple representations of warrior goddesses, as well as art from some of my favorite artists, including my kids. The art makes me happy and motivates me to keep moving forward.

This desk is where I work, but it is also where I am doing a vast majority of my writing, as well as my homework and studies for my Master's program. Athena's presence encourages me to be strategic and wise in my interactions, and to appreciate the knowledge that I have or am gaining. The push to keep learning is ever-present, but a core part of who I am. I've also added a small shrine to Athena on one of the shelves behind my desk, including two small statues of Athena, and some art created by my son. Having it there is like she is always watching over my shoulder. I love this space, and being able to embrace my personal practice as part of my daily life.

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