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Awkward Post of Awkwardness

Well, hi. It's been a while. I know I've said that before, but I'm not sure I have ever taken a break from blogging quite this long before. I have not posted here since March of 2022, almost 16 months ago. I don't have excuses or reasons, but I will admit that it probably boils down to a combination of depression and burnout. When I quit posting here, I effectively quit posting on social media, left many of the social media groups I was a part of, and resigned from several volunteer positions. I can't guarantee that I'm back for good, or that I will have regular posts at this time, but I do hope to be more active than I have been...which really doesn't take much.

So what has happened in the past year?

April 2022

  • Started my Invisalign journey!

  • Set up a larger vegetable garden for our family

  • Build raised flower beds along the side of my house

  • Got a half-sleeve tattoo

  • Completed my IT Management Master's Degree

May 2022

  • Lots of soccer

  • exploring museums with my family

  • Finally decided to live my purple hair fantasy

  • Drive In movie nights

  • Backyard remodel and Gazebo installation

  • Sisters tattoo on the top of my left foot

  • Lost the ADF Vice Archdruid election and lost a lot of self esteem

June 2022

  • Van Gogh Alive - immersive exhibit

  • Resigned from most volunteer positions

July 2022

  • Shakespeare on the Green

  • My baby turned 5

  • Planting an herb garden

  • Building a meditation corner in my yard

  • DIY Solar outdoor fountain

August 2022

  • Enrolled in a 2nd Master's program for Cyberpsychology

  • My baby starts Kindergarten, and my oldest starts 8th grade

  • Fun at the park

  • More crafts with the kids

September 2022

  • Lots of visits to green houses/plant nurseries

  • Flowers

  • Pink & Blue hair

October 2022

  • Red hair

  • Trip to Philadelphia for work

  • First trip to the Atlantic Ocean

  • Halloween

  • Joined the Omaha Professional Women for Good group

November 2022

  • My birthday

  • Thanksgiving

  • Emergency ceiling repair

December 2022

  • Orchestra concerts

  • Realized I have probably too many house plants (no such thing)

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Started seeing a chiropractor

January 2023

  • Adopted Yeti, my beautiful husky companion - she really took up my whole month

February 2023

  • Baking & trying to stay warm

March 2023

  • My son turned 14

  • Visit with my mom and sisters

  • Disney on Ice

  • New fence installed in back yard

  • Spring concert

  • Watching bad reality TV with my sister

April 2023

  • Hammock life

  • Blue & purple hair

  • More soccer

May 2023

  • Wildlife safari park trips

  • Flowers

  • My first bikini (yes I'm still fat...but I did it anyway!! in the safety of my own back yard)

June 2023

  • Lots of gardening and plant care

  • Quality sunshine

And that brings us to now. July has just started and there is a lot that is planned. My daughter turns 6 this week. Before the end of the month we are taking a family trip to the Pacific Northwest. There is a lot of adventures ahead, and hopefully I can share some thoughts along the way. If you're still here, thank you for being a part of my journey as I wander through life and try to find my spiritual path forward. I appreciate you.

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