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Just an Update

Good morning everyone.... I have been missing from this blog and pretty much non-existent on the internet for the past two months. Long story short, I have been insanely stressed and it felt like I was taking one hit after another and had to take the time to take care of myself. But I hope I am back.... I don't guarantee anything about consistency, but hopefully you'll see more content here and on my socials. To anyone who has stuck around, thank you, I appreciate you. For those who may want more details....CW for death, family issues, anxiety, sick pets, Covid and maybe more. I'm sharing not for sympathy but just to get it out there and show that life sometimes sucks and we can push through.

The past two months or so in my life felt like one blow after another without any chance to heal or process before being hit again. It started when the freezer portion of our refrigerator stopped working (not a big deal in itself). After several attempts from professionals to repair it, we decided we needed to get a new fridge because that would ultimately be cheaper than fixing it. Before we even had a chance to address the fridge, my partner was suddenly in massive amounts of pain, and was rushed to the hospital with kidney stones. He had to have a procedure done to remove them and put a stent in place, which took several weeks of recovery time and follow-up appointments. After I got him home, the deep freeze we had moved everything into while the fridge was broken got unplugged and ruined everything, which meant hours spent disposing of spoiled food and figuring out how to deep clean a freezer, all while my partner was recovering, so I had to figure it out with the help of my 12 year old son.... I have now officially googled how to clean blood out of a deep freeze, so I'm sure I'm on some sort of watch list. I started my Master's program on June 1st, which has been a long-time goal and I'm very excited, but it's also one additional thing on my plate to manage right now... And then one of my best friends died.....that will have a whole post in itself because she deserves that space and to be remembered by telling her story. A week after her passing, I had to have all four wisdom teeth removed. The procedure went smoothly, but just 1 more thing on the growing list of stressors Then had a massive fight with my step sister which lead to us essentially disowning each other and blocking on social media. I won't go into details there, but ugh. We had to make a quick trip back to my hometown for a family thing, which mean our dog had to spent 1 night in a kennel (the same one we have used for him since he was a pup and absolutely love)...and the poor dog ended up with some sort of Kennel Cough after spending 1 night. After that, my 3 year old was exposed to Covid so we had to do another 2 week quarantine period for her (the rest of the family is vaxxed) And then our AC stops working and repair people couldn't get there for several days. Ultimately we ended up buying a new AC and Furnace. And finally, I opened my work laptop and the screen was completely jacked up, even though it had worked fine on the workday prior and had only sat in my bag safely since then. The last couple weeks have finally settled, but I was completely overwhelmed. It is so hard when you feel completely overwhelmed and like everything is falling apart. It's hard to want to try to get anything done and still be a mom, a good partner, a productive employee, a full-time student, and board work, and spiritual was all too much at once. But hopefully we are past all of that and it's time to start being productive again. If you took the time to read all of that, thank you. I'm lucky to have some stellar humans in my life, and you reading this makes you one of them. Have a wonderful weekend.

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