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Updated: May 11

Good morning everyone,

I am an administrator in a few online groups. One of the things I have spent the past couple of years doing is asking a question of the week of the members to help stir activity and create conversations. I'd like to start sharing my own answers to those questions here! This week's question is below:

Do you keep a spiritual journal? What type of information do you put into it? Recorded divination? Rituals? Feelings as you're learning? Is it a physical journal, or do you instead keep it digital, or in a blog (feel free to share a link!)?

Writing is an important part of my personal practice. I tend to journal though in cycles...sometimes I write a lot, and other times it's completely blank. I also tend to have multiple journals that I'm writing in on any give time. I like to use journals when I'm working on big projects (spiritual or otherwise) to help me track progress and my thoughts along the way. I'll share prayers and poems I've written, and rituals and the reactions to them. Often those journal entries get converted into a digital format, either on my blog or as a Google Doc that I can archive and keep for future access. I also try to post weekly divination on my blog, which gives me the opportunity to experiment and learn along the way.

So, what about you? Do you keep a journal? I'd love to hear about it!

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