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Daily Devotionals

Updated: May 11

I've been doing daily devotionals for a little over a week now and overall I think it's going well. During the weekend or days off, I do the devotional at my main altar at home. However, during the week I wake up at 5:30am as it is, so waking up earlier than that is something that I'm not really capable of doing (believe me, I've tried!). Instead, I've had to come up with an easier "on the go" type of devotional, at least to get me started. Last night, I did a full COoR ritual to build and bless my travel altar. I have a piece of the tree trunk from my childhood home as the tree, a stone from my well to represent the well, a stone from my hearth to represent the fire, and a small Athena pendant to carry along with me. They are incredibly simple, and may change with time, but they work now for now for sure. Here is an image:

I start each devotional by doing the two-powers meditation. It helps to ground me and put my mind in the right frame of mind. Afterwards, I say the devotional below. I have compiled it from several different devotionals with my own spin in order to make something that seems to work for me. I'm sure some people will think it doesn't flow well, or won't like it, but it works for me for now, and that's what matters right now. Here is my hodge-podge of a devotional:

I honor the fire.

The fire of the gods.

The gods of my heart & this land

May I come to know the mystery

Of the divine in all its forms.

I honor the water.

The water of the ancestors.

Ancestors of blood & of spirit.

May I understand the knowledge

Of the wise and ancient ones.

I honor the tree.

The living body.

Sacred tree of all the worlds,

May I feel the spirits of nature,

And be one with all the earth.

Before me, the light of life

Behind me, the shadow of strife;

To my left, the shield of love

To my right, the power of strength;

Above me, the star of wisdom

Below me, the path of knowledge;

And within me, the everlasting magick

By which all things are possible.

Clear-eyed Athena, unrivaled in wisdom,

With our spear and shield.

Athena, I pray to you.

Wise in all things you are;

Protect me and my family

From injustice and harm

Council me with your wisdom

So that I may make the best decisions

Grant me success in my endeavors

But keep me humble.

Athena, grant me a sound mind and steady temper,

bless me with good judgment, show me the long view.

I thank you for the many times you have guided me on my path.

Share with me your mysteries and I will do my best to follow.

Athena, I pray in your sacred name.

This day may I show Wisdom with those who cross my path, Piety in keeping the Old ways, Vision to greater understanding, Courage as I face myself, Integrity to those I give my word, Perseverance to carry on, Hospitality to all who ask, Moderation bringing me into balance and Fertility bringing forth the bounty of my creativity.

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