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Building a Regular Practice

Updated: May 11, 2023

Today makes the first day of my new attempt at 5 months of daily working. I hope by that point it is a regular practice but we will see. As it currently stands I have completed the CTP Prelim, am enrolled in the GSP, & Lit Guild SP, and am nearly 3 weeks pending on my official CTP application. If approved to the CTP there are 3 weekly courses that I need to complete:

  • Liturgy Practicum 1 - 4 months of personal worship, seasonal festivals, including prayers & devotional

  • Trance 1 - 5 months of trance work for divination, magic, ritual, & personal use

  • Discipline 1 - Unlimited time of discipline work including connection with earth mother and gatekeeper including omens & monthly retreat day.

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