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ADF Training and Beyond

I'm currently working through the ADF Clergy Training Program Preliminary courses and am also currently enrolled in the Generalist Study Program, but have honestly not yet started it. I am trying to decide on the order in which I want to do things and it's a lot harder than I thought it would be because of the overlap of certain courses in each study program. I don't want to go too crazy, because I am still a full time student, so I am not planning on being too overly ambitious until I get that done.

So far, this is sort of what I have planned...

  1. CTP Preliminary courses (4 of which overlap with the GSP)

  2. Apply to begin CTP circle 1

  3. Finish GSP (where there is some overlap for the 1st circle CTP)

  4. Complete CTP circle 1

  5. ????

This is just a guess at this point as I really don't know how this will all work out or if some other course will spark my attention, etc. before I complete these things, but it's at least the start of a plan. We'll see how it all works out.

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