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Quiet Prayer

Tonight, I sit quietly,⠀

Listening to the winds⠀

Blowing through the trees, ⠀

Watching the sky grow darker⠀

As the days grow shorter. ⠀

Yet in this darkness,⠀

I see a glimmer of hope. ⠀

Hope for change, ⠀

Hope for a brighter future. ⠀

I know there is work to be done ⠀

But the fire to keep Pushing forward ⠀

Burns brighter today. ⠀

And so, I say thank you... ⠀

Thank you to all whose voices rang loudly. ⠀

Thank you to those who marched and fought. ⠀

Thank you for reigniting my hope... ⠀

For my children’s future ⠀

For my own self worth. ⠀

Tonight, may we all find comfort⠀

As we sit together in the darkness.

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