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Learning the Greek Alphabet Oracle: Theta

Welcome back to the Learning the GAC series. This week, we move on to the eighth letter, Theta!


“You have the helping Gods {Theoi} of this path.” - Apollonius Sophistes

Theta reminds us that we are not alone because of our relationship with the Gods. It is a symbol that the Theoi, the gods and goddesses, exist and are here on this path with us. This is one of my favorite omens to receive, because it is a quick reminder that we are not alone on this journey and that we have the support of the Shining Ones on the many roads of our lives. They see our actions and appreciate them. Because of our relationship with them, the Gods will help us along the way. It’s a reassuring message to know that you are not alone, but instead that you are both seen and appreciated.

A poem to help memorize the meaning of Theta could be:

The gods guide

and stand with you

as you walk this path.

Below are a few attributes of this symbol:

  • English Letter: Th

  • Knuckle Bone Value: 22

  • Dice Value: 22

  • Color: Purple

  • Memory Phrase: The Gods are with you.

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