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Learning the Greek Alphabet Oracle: Sigma

Welcome back to the Learning the GAC series. This week we move on to the eighteenth letter, Sigma!



Phoibos speaks plainly, ‘Stay, friend.’ - Apollonius Sophistes

Sigma is a symbol to hold your ground and to not take action. While many other symbols tell us to persevere or wait for the appropriate action, this omen specifically tells us to stop. While worded kindly as “Stay, friend” this omen tells us that we need to hold our ground and not push forward or move backward. It is a symbol that represents steadfastness, but also tells us not to continue with our current actions. It doesn’t require that we backtrack in our steps, but instead tells to stay where we are right now. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but it’s one of the few omens that actually give direction for how we should proceed in our actions.

A poem to help memorize the meaning of Rho could be:

Stand your ground,

Just wait and see.

You'll have guidance soon.

Below are a few attributes of this symbol:

  • English Letter: S

  • Knuckle Bone Value: 12

  • Dice Value: 11

  • Color: Navy Blue

  • Memory Phrase: Stop and wait

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