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Learning the Greek Alphabet Oracle: Pi

Welcome back to the Learning the GAC series. This week we move on to the sixteenth letter, Pi!



Completing many {Polus} contests, you will seize the crown.- Apollonius Sophistes

Pi is a symbol that represents perseverance. I find this very interesting, considering the mathematical correspondence of pi, and the infinite, ongoing persistence of the number it represents. It's a symbol that tells us that we can persevere through hardship and tribulations. Even when we are struggling and things are hard, even when life doesn’t lead us down the path we expect, we can be successful if we persevere through these difficulties. While Kappa reminded us to keep moving forward, Pi speaks of success if we continue to battle through our trials. It brings with it a message of hope that seems less present than in Kappa.

A poem to help memorize the meaning of Pi could be:


Push through hardships

You will win the crown

Below are a few attributes of this symbol:

  • English Letter: P

  • Knuckle Bone Value: 14

  • Dice Value: 14

  • Color: Red

  • Memory Phrase: Persevere!

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