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Learning the Greek Alphabet Oracle: Iota

Welcome back to the Learning the GAC series. This week, we move on to the ninth letter, Iota!


Iota is a symbol that represents continual hard work, and the benefits and successes that come from that work. Iota is a symbol that I have grown very familiar with throughout the past couple years. It’s an omen that I have received in my personal practice repeatedly, continually telling me to keep moving forward, keep putting in the effort and that it will all work out in the end. However, this omen isn’t one of short-lived projects. For me it has come to represent persistent effort and determination in order to keep moving forward.

A poem to help memorize the meaning of Iota could be:

I will strive

to do the work

and achieve success.

Below are a few attributes of this symbol:

  • English Letter: I

  • Knuckle Bone Value: 21

  • Dice Value: 21

  • Color: Green

  • Memory Phrase: I work hard to be successful.

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