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Learning the Greek Alphabet Oracle: Delta

Welcome back to the Learning the GAC series. This week, we move on to the fourth letter, Delta!


"In customs inopportune strength {Dunamis} is weak."

Delta is a symbol that tells us to be cautious in our actions. It is a message of timing and using the appropriate level of force in order to be successful moving forward. While initially this may seem to be a less positive omen, for me it often represents the idea that you can be successful, but you must ease yourself through the process without trying to force something to happen. It’s a message of balance and allowing yourself to relax a little bit in your efforts. It doesn’t mean that you will fail, but it does mean that you need to look at the situation, and let it work out the way it is supposed to.

A poem to help memorize the meaning of Delta could be:


actions are best.

Move forward with care.

Below are a few attributes of this symbol:

  • English Letter: D

  • Knuckle Bone Value: 26

  • Dice Value: 27

  • Color: Dusty Rose

  • Memory Phrase: Don't force it!

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