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I See You

I see you in the golden wheat rolling across the plains,

And in the spring when the grass turns green.

I see you in the deep, rich soil

Where we grow so many things.

Earth Mother, I see you.

I feel you when I bury my feet in the sand,

And when my hands work the earth.

I feel you as I run among the trees,

And when I need to be strong.

Earth Mother, I feel you.

I see you when the world seems big and full of life,

When all days seem bountiful and good.

I see you when the world seems cold,

And I’m afraid I am alone.

Earth Mother, I see you.

I hear you in the laughter of my children,

And the waters rushing in the river.

I hear your call in the plants

And when I’m knelt in prayer.

Earth Mother, I hear you.

I see you in the food we eat and the sustenance it brings,

And in the bountiful gifts of the world.

I see you in the parks hidden in the heart of the city,

And dancing free in all the wild places.

Earth Mother, I see you.

Earth Mother, you give us life, you give us home,

You provide for us when we’re wrong,

You uphold and sustain our lives.

We exist because of you.

Earth Mother, we see you!

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