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Updated: May 11

Enochian Tablet -- Chanting/Visual Concentration Ok, first and foremost I have to explain that I am in no way a great magician. I have no deep knowledge or understanding of the inner working of angels/demons or anything along those lines. I have never practiced any form of Enochian magic until today. My partner has been doing elemental summoning from the Tablet of Union for a while now, and has often expressed a desire to have me do this workings with him because of past experiences we have had doing other things. After a lot of discussion, and some serious thoughts I decided to give in and give it a try. I mean, what was the worst that could happen?? ​

I didn't know what to expect, or what would be expected of me. I read through the ritual, not really understanding parts of it, but knowing I should at least be able to somewhat follow along as he got the table set up correctly, lit the incense and candles, and rolled out the red rug we would be sharing. After that, the lights went off and the curtains closed around us and we were left alone in the candle light to summon NANTA, the earth elemental from the Tablet of Union. He did a brief warding of sorts and then it was my turn. He asked me to consecrate the area, so using the script I did just that, then firmly placed myself in the corner so that I would not be in the way. He did the required calls and keys. I honestly didn't understand most of it and continually switched between my script and watching him in awe. Finally, the time came where we each took our chairs and the last of the calls were completed, me on the left and him on the right. We were using a black mirrored surface with a silver frame as a focus area for visualization, so while he continued chanting the calls I found myself staring into it. At first the things I were seeing were definitely not what I was looking for, so I had to muddle through things in order to set my brain straight. After I got myself focused the edges of the mirror began to blur and disappear into the darkness. I was afraid so I brought myself back into the mundane. This happened several times, all of which I could still hear him beside me chanting words I definitely did not understand. I lifted my feet off the ground in an effort to separate myself from the Earth (and therefore NANTA) and allowed the edges of the mirror to fade away into the darkness. ​I found myself sitting in the pitch black center of a cave. I don't know where I was, but it was a completely different experience from what I am used to because I am usually a VERY visual person. At first I wasn't sure that I was experiencing anything and became very confused. With my mind I called out "hello" to see if there was anyone around, and instantly got a response. The most amazing voice of a woman echoed throughout the cave around me, seeming to welcome me and comfort me, letting me know that there was nothing to fear and that I was safe. I really didn't know what I was supposed to do, so I asked her very simple questions to start with. What do you look like? (she giggled at the response..."what, you can't see me??"), What do you sound like (again a giggle..."What, you can not hear me?"), what do you smell like (an overwhelming smell of dirt/soil filled my noise), and what do you feel like? The last one caught me completely off guard. I was expecting to get a physical touch sensation, but instead I was overwhelmed with emotions. At first there was laughter, joy, passion, and a completely dedicated undying love, but underneath it all I could feel the hurt, pain, and anger she felt for the way she had been treated by those she loved (people mistreating the earth????). Those emotions were so overwhelming I could feel them with every fiber of my being. I can STILL feel them deep within myself. It took me back and definitely knocked me off my guard. I didn't know where to proceed, so she decided to take charge. She asked me if I had something in particular in mind, and I told her that I really didn't, that I honestly didn't have a clue what I was doing and was just kind of winging it to the best of my abilities. She asked if I cared if she took control then, and I gave her full permission. The message I received was something along the lines of “We are kin. You are a mother now which means we are family, together, one and the same, whether we are united or not, you are my kin." I told her I was honored and grateful for such kind words. She then told me that she wanted me to succeed and that she could see within me a great potential for great things. Throughout this entire time, while sitting in the deepest darkness of the cave I kept getting continual glimpses of a blond haired pregnant woman, which somewhat confused me. I don't know if these were glimpses of her personification, or just my mind trying to put a label on her. Either way, at this point in our conversation I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and began looking around. When I turned to look, the darkness was gone and my partner was sitting next to me once again. At first I couldn't stop my tears from flowing because of the residual emotions left from NANTA, but we discussed our individual experiences, and calmed down.

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