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Divination - 12/28/2020

We have officially reached the very last week week of 2020. While I know that changing the calendar doesn't provide immediate fixes, I feel like jumping into 2021 gives us a chance for a new start and some opportunities for hope once again. Let's jump into our final omen for 2021.

This week's omen comes from the Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Below is our message for this week:

  • Clock Time - Time - Pressure - In a Rush

  • Follow Your Own Good Advice - Trust Yourself - You know what is best for you

  • We're All Mad Here - everyone is a little 'different'


Clock Time is a message of stress and increased responsibility. We may feel pushed to complete too many tasks and feel like we don't have enough support to get it all completed. Take charge of your workload and do what needs to be done to push through. You can do it!

Follow Your Own Good Advice is a card that tells us that there are times where we may become overwhelmed, or may have made mistakes. Give yourself the opportunity to find clarity and look inside yourself to find the right way to move forward.

We're All Mad Here is a reminder that we're all interesting and unique. Don't hide who you are because you'll rob the world of your wonderful self. Embrace your eccentricities and those peculiar things that make you who you are.

To summarize, we're all stressed this time of year, and the clock to 2021 is ticking by quickly. You can be successful, just look inside yourself to find what the best answer is for you right now. You are unique and wonderful, so embrace it!

If this message speaks to you, or if you have some other interpretation, I would love to hear from you! ​I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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