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Divination: 01/17/2022

Updated: May 11

Welcome to my very first divination post of the new year. I hope your year has started off smoothly! This week's divination comes from the beautiful Compendium of Witches Oracle deck by Natasa Illincic, which I was honored to receive as part of a Kickstarter. Let's see what we can expect for the coming week:

The Storyteller: Communication & Sharing

Offering: Love & Kindness

The Reconciler: Acceptance & Improvement

The Storyteller is a symbol of sharing your story and communicating with those around us. It's a reminder that we should express our values and use our stories to build connections. In my personal practice, telling the stories of my ancestors is an important act, because that which is remembered continues to live and be loved.

Offering is a simple symbol of giving and caring for those around us. For me, in this context, it's a representation of reciprocity and the importance of both sharing your story, but also offering others to share their own.

The Reconciler reminds us that we can accept those things we can not change, and focus our intent on those areas that we can improve instead.

Taken together, I believe this message is telling us to open ourselves up and share our stories with those around us, whether in the physical or spiritual sense. Give the gift of yourself to them, and allow them to reciprocate with you. Allow yourself the time to accept the world around you, and instead find new ways to grow and flourish.

​If you have a different interpretation, I would love to hear it. Have a wonderful week.

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