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Divination - 11/02/2020

Welcome to the first week of November! This month for me is usually one of gratitude and celebration. This year definitely feels different. We're thinking toward Thanksgiving and what that will look like for our family. My birthday happens before then, and yet it's hard to consider celebrating with everything that's in the news. I won't dive deeply into those things here, but all I will say is please, please, take the time to make your voice heard and vote. While a change in leadership doesn't guarantee instant resolution to our issues, it at least removes a direct threat. ....and with that in mind, let's take a look at this week's divination.

Below is the message I received from the Magic Moon Oracle Deck by Sweet B that I was lucky to receive as part of their recent Kickstarter campaign.

  • Closure - Endings & Excitement for the future

  • Tolerate - Being mindful of why we endure the things we do

  • Reflect - Contemplate & consider your progress


Closure is a card that shows us that things are coming to an end, but with that ending is a sense of contentment that comes with it. Problems feel less overwhelming, and the future seems brighter.

Tolerate is a card that indicates that there are parts of our lives that are currently causing tension, and a reminder that we need to think about why we're coping with these things. They may be things worth fighting through, or they may be struggles that we need to establish boundaries for.

Reflect is a card that tells us to look back at ourselves and our actions and decide if we like what we see or if there are changes we need to make. Be honest and true to yourself.

To summarize, things are coming to an end, and it's ok to be excited for the future ahead. We've had to endure a lot of things in the past year, and while some of those are things that are coming to an end, others may be things that we need to keep pushing through. Just be sure to take the time to reflect on your actions and make sure you're happy with what you see.

If this message speaks to you, or if you have some other interpretation, I would love to hear from you! ​I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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