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Divination: 08/31/2021

Happy Monday! It's time once again for some divination to guide our week. This omen comes from the Runes, using a beautiful resin and dried flowers set I recently ordered.

  • Nauthiz - Need-fire and Constraint

  • Fehu - Cattle and Wealth

  • Perthro - The Unknown and Fate

​​For more details on these symbols, read more below:

Nauthiz is a symbol of the need fire. It speaks of meeting resistance and having to put in effort and hard work to accomplish the growth we are striving for. It also shows a sense of urgency and reminds us that we have to do what is necessary to achieve our goals. Fehu represents wealth and new beginnings. It shows a level of financial strength and prosperity, but also mobility. It is a lucky symbol that says we should have the sustenance we need in abundance. Perthro speaks of the unknown. It's a message of prophecy and fate. This symbol indicates that we do not know the answers, so to look at patterns and probability to find our answers. Taken together, this omen tells us that we have needs but that we need to put the work in to meet those needs. There is potential for new beginnings and wealth in that work, but ultimately the answer relies on us. If we do the work, find the patterns, there is potential in the future.

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