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Divination: 08/23/2021

Happy Monday! It's time once again for some divination to guide our week. This omen comes from the Otherkin Tarot by Siolo Thompson

  • Nine of Pentacles - Success, self-esteem, and balance

  • Two of Wands - Planning, progress, and new ventures

  • Three of Cups - Friendship, Community, and Celebration

For more details on these symbols, read more below:

The Nine of Pentacles shows a hawk-headed figure with their feet firmly planted on the ground. It represents maturity, motivation, and clear vision. The card speaks of long-term strategy and indicates that you are on the right track.​ The Two of Wands in this deck shows a frog riding the globe. It signifies travel and potential, as well as a new opportunity. Look beyond our current situation to see what potential exists for us. The Three of Cups shows three seals swimming and playing together. It celebrates interpersonal relationships and is a message to connect with your community. Taken together, we see a message that shows we have motivation and vision to move forward into the future, and to keep looking ahead for opportunities. Connect with those around you and celebrate those relationships and we will be successful. I hope this message speaks to you. If you have a different interpretation, I'd love to hear it. Have a fantastic week.

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