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Divination: 08/09/2021

Happy Monday! It's a new week and time for some divination to guide our week. This week's omen comes from my beautiful wooden Greek Alphabet Oracle. ​

  • Alpha - All things are good

  • Epsilon - Enthusiasm for growth

  • Mu - Must work for success

Alpha is a symbol that symbolizes success. It's a message that things are going well and that you will be see positive results in your work. Keep going! Epsilon represents an enthusiasm for new growth. It shows that you desire "offspring" or new creations from good relationships. Mu is a message of working toward your goals. It says that hard work brings with it positive results, so keep working toward success. Combined, this omen tells us that we will be successful in our efforts. We want new growth and positive things, and if we keep putting in the hard work we will be successful. If this omen speaks to you, or if you have a different interpretation I would love to hear it! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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