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Divination: 08/02/2021

Good morning everyone. It's been a long time, but here's hoping we are back on track and ready to roll. I plan on starting my weeks with some Monday divination. This week's omen comes from my beautiful amethyst runes.

  • Wujno - Joy & Success

  • Isa - Ice and challenges

  • Ehwaz - Yew Tree and stability

Wunjo is a symbol that represents joy and success in your life. It says that you are at a point to find peace and build good things. It speaks of fellowship and positive relationships Isa is a symbol that represents challenges and being at a standstill. It shows that you may have been facing some blocks in your journey. Ehwaz represents the yew tree and the strength and stability of them. It shows a sense of reliability and a time of enlightenment. Combined, this omen tells us that we have reached a point of peace and joy in our life. We may have had challenges along the way, and we may have more challenges in the future, but we will be strong and stable and be able to persevere through them. If this omen speaks to you, or if you have a different interpretation I would love to hear it! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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