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Divination: 01/25/2021

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you have had a lovely Monday. It's been snowing here all day, and everything is covered in fluffy white snow. It makes it hard to get motivated as I'd rather curl up with a book, blanket, and some tea, but I'm committed, so let's do this thing!! It's time once again for our weekly omen.

This week's divination comes from runes. Below is our message for this week:

  • Wunjo - Joy!​​

  • Othala - Property, Home, and Plenty

  • Inguz - Creation and Growth


​Wunjo is the symbol of Joy. It speaks of perfection and being content in your experiences. It's a very optimistic omen to receive.

Othala is a symbol of home and and ancestors. It's a message of divine inheritance and having a safe, orderly place to be.

Inguz represents the seed. It's a message of growth, creation, and evolution. It may speak of solitude in order to have space to grow.

To summarize, we've reached a time of joy and contentment. We have a safe place, and our ancestors share their wisdom with us. While we may be physically separated from loved ones and friends, this solitude is an opportunity to grow. Take advantage of that time and space, to find your own happy place.

If this message speaks to you, or if you have some other interpretation, I would love to hear from you! ​I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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