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Divination: 01/18/2021

Happy Monday everyone. Today is a day that I have spent feeling like I'm running we're getting here super late, but we're here. I hope you had a productive start to your week. It's time once again for our weekly omen.

This week's divination comes from the Legendary Ladies Oracle Deck by Ann Shen. Below is our message for this week:

  • Freya - Boldness

  • Ran - Focus

  • Sekhmet - Healing


Freya is a Norse goddess of love and fertility, as well as war and magic. This card encourages you to be bold in your actions as you move forward. Take action, embrace your goals, and be brave!

Ran is the Norse personification of the sea who uses her net to capture people and drag them into the water. This card tells you that you can easily achieve your desires, so plan carefully.

Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of destruction and healing. In this card, we see that good things can grow from past hurt. Take the time to rebuild and heal. You have the power to transform yourself.

To summarize, we need to be bold in our actions and move forward. Plan carefully to achieve our goals, but we can be successful, both in rebuilding and healing ourselves.

If this message speaks to you, or if you have some other interpretation, I would love to hear from you! ​I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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