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Divination: 01/04/2021

Welcome to the first week of 2021. I hope your year has started off smoothly and that you've enjoyed your holiday season. I'm ready to get back to "normal" so let's start things off with our weekly divination.

This week's omen comes from the Adorabyssal Oracle by Pixel Occult. Below is our message for this week:

  • Ghost - Endure

  • Cadejo - Duality

  • Namazu - Control


The Ghost is a positive card that represents a generic spirit. It's associated with the afterlife, but also speaks of your ability to hang on and continue pursuing even when facing obstacles. Endure the challenges in front of you.

Cadejo is a neutral card that represents a pair of Central American spirits who appear at night to those who travel through their space. One spirit is protective and the other is malicious. This card seems to speak of two possible options, one beneficial and one difficult. Make your decisions wisely as you move forward.

Namazu is also a neutral card that represents a catfish from Japanese mythology. This fish lives under Japan and is restrained by the god of thunder, but when the deity gets distracted the fish thrashes his fins and causes earthquakes. To me, this is a card that speaks of the need for self-control and awareness so you don't cause havoc.

To summarize, you have decisions ahead and they may be challenging. Control yourself and endure and you will make it through.

If this message speaks to you, or if you have some other interpretation, I would love to hear from you! ​I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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