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Summer Solstice 2021

Midsummer, Litha, Alban matter what you call it, today we're talking about the Summer Solstice! Summer is my favorite season. The warm sun, the green growing things, the rumble of thunder…these are all things that bring me great joy in life. Blooming flowers are not only beautiful, but remind me of the growth and potential we all carry inside us. Having the ability to spend more time outside helps me re-connect to my spiritual practice and helps me feel more a part of the natural world. Summer brings with it a sense renewal and peace.

The solstice also brings with it the longest day and shortest night. It is this season that the sun is the strongest and highest that it is all year. The solstice represents the power of light and how incredibly blessed we are to have that, but it also shows how important the darkness of night is for our well-being. Even though I know that the days will once again grow shorter, I am grateful for the season of sunshine!

Below are a few ways that you can get out and enjoy the summer season, even if you don’t love the heat:

  • Design a flower crown. Flowers tend to be in full bloom during the summer, so adorn some of their gorgeous blossoms on yourself!

  • Create a suncatcher. There are many different types of suncatchers, created with everything from beads and crystals, to dried flowers and contact paper.

  • Do some gardening. Whether you grow a single flower, or a huge lot of your own produce, gardening is a wonderful way to connect with nature and see your own growth along the way.

  • Drink some iced tea. One of my favorite summer memories is sipping iced tea in the shade, reading a book. Brew yourself some of your favorite tea, but make it iced!

  • Visit a local park or nature center. Find some time to walk among the trees (following local protocols of course) and enjoy the beauty of the summer.

  • Enjoy some quality time by the fire. While most of these suggestions are day-time activities, some of my favorite memories are from sitting beside a bonfire on a beautiful summer night!

  • Setup a Signs of Summer scavenger hunt. Kids and adults alike can join in on the fun of finding fun ways to represents summer!

  • Cook a meal, even if it’s just for yourself, using foods that are in season in your region.

  • Watch the sunset. Taking some time to appreciate the beauty of the sun can be a wonderful way to celebrate summer.

​If you have other ways you like to celebrate summer, I’d love to hear all about them, so feel free to drop me a message through email or social media. I hope you all have a wonderful Summer! Stay cool, wear sunscreen, and enjoy the sunshine!

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