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Shield of Wisdom: A Devotional for Athena & Minerva

Today, I am thrilled to announce the release of Shield of Wisdom: A Devotional for Athena & Minerva created by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. I was honored to be a contributor to this beautiful anthology and am so happy to finally see the results of months of hard work by the editors and be able to hold the (408 page!) beauty in my hand. I, of course, am biased, but if you're looking for articles, prayers, rituals, or additional information about Athena or Minerva, I highly recommend you check it out. Below is the summary from the book's page:


Wisdom. Weaving. Warfare. Known to the Greeks as Athena, and to the Romans as Minerva, she leapt fully grown from the skull of the Lord of Thunder. Frighteningly intelligent, quick-witted and fiercely loyal, she is a Goddess who watches over heroes, warriors, and artisans alike. A Goddess of the mind, she admires and rewards cleverness and creativity. And, while she inspires intense devotion in ancient and modern polytheists, she also inspires passionate debate. Is she a friend to women, or does she always favor the father? When she transformed Medusa into a gorgon and Arachne into a spider, was she motivated by compassion or something else? And what of her relationships with her fellow Deities, such as Hephaistos, Ares, and Aphrodite? Are they adversarial, antithetical, or complementary? Within these pages, you will find poems of praise and rites in her honor. You will also find essays and personal reflections that question the Goddess, that challenge her, that analyze the myths around her and what they mean to us, and what they reveal about the Goddess herself. All of these are offered to her with an open heart, and a sincere questioning mind — which we hope she will find as pleasing as any reverent hymn. All hail Athena, Keen-Eyed and Ever-Curious.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have!! Have a wonderful weekend.

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