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Nature Spirits - Prayer of Gratitude

A Prayer of Gratitude

Nature Spirits,

soaring on the winds high above,

with wings strong and sure.

Swimming in the waters below,

from the shallows to depths,

standing upon the soil,

from our land and in our homes.

We call to you.

We honor you.

Spirits of the land,

Mighty Dryads, living among the trees, strong and sure,

And the Epimelides protecting flocks upon pastures,

Oreiades who dwell high in the mountains

And the Anthousai who dance with the flowers.

We honor you and the land we walk upon.

Thank you for walking our path beside us.

Spirits of the water,

Eleionomai hidden in the marshes,

And Haliai who play in the sand and upon the rocky shores

Krinaiai who dwell in the depths of the wells and fountains

And the Nereides swimming in the seas.

We honor you and the waters that cleanse us.

Thank you or purifying our minds, hearts, and bodies.

Spirits of the sky,

Aurai, who ride upon the cool breezes,

And Nephelai who float among the clouds,

Hesperides who glow in the setting sun,

And the Asteriai, who sit among the stars.

We honor you and the air that surrounds us.

Thank you for blessing us with each and every breath.

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