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COoR Breakdown: Initiating the Rite

Initiating the Rite

We have come today

to honor the Kindred,

and to walk the cycle of the year.

May this work brighten

and warm our hearth fire.


​ADF is an orthopraxic organization, which means that we focus on shared practice instead of shared beliefs. One of the shared practices we have in ADF is our Core Order of Ritual, which is a step by step ritual structure. ADF members do not have to use the full COoR structure for all of their rituals, but any public ritual that is called an ADF ritual will use this structure.

For the next couple of months, we will be discussing the individual parts of the Core Order of Ritual and sharing an example of that part. We begin this discussion with Initiating the Rite.

Initiating the Rite is what establishes the beginning of a ritual. It can include a musical signal, such as a bell chime or song, an opening prayer, some sort of processional, a meditation intended to establish the group mind, or some other method of establishing the beginning of a ritual.

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