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ADF Clergy Training Program (CTP)

The CTP is ADF's program for the education and spiritual preparation of religious leadership. Through it, they encourage a firm scholarly background for clergy, while working toward higher levels of spiritual effort.

CTP Preliminary Courses

ADF Structure, Customs, & Policies
Cosmology 1
Indo-European Mythology 1
Indo-European Studies 1
Law & the Church
Liturgy 1

CTP - 1st Circle

Bardic Studies for Liturgists
Crisis Response
Discipline 1
Divination 1
Ethics 1
Indo-European Mythology 2
Liturgical Writing 1
Liturgy Practicum 1
Magic 1 for Priests
Ritual Mechanics
Trance 1

CTP - 2nd Circle

Discipline 2
Divination 2
Ethics 2
History of Neopaganism & Druidry
Leadership Development 1
Liturgical Writing 2
Magic 2
Nature Awareness 1
Theatre for Ritual 1
Using Indo-European Liturgical Language

CTP - 3rd Circle

Comparative Ancient Ritual Styles
Comparative Ritual Theory
Discipline 3
Leadership Development 2
Liturgy Practicum 3
Pagan Theology 1
Pagan Theology 2
Special Occasion Rituals
Teaching Ritual Performance
Theatre for Ritual 2
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