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We all deserve space to wander. 

I strive to foster a community of inclusion and connectedness, where all individuals are empowered to share their stories.  I am committed to listening and engaging with diverse communities and value their wisdom and feedback.  We all have our own paths through life, and I truly believe that diversity should be celebrated.  While the intent of this site is overall to promote inclusivity, there are several statements that I stand firm in:  

  • Black Lives Matter

  • My Body, My Choice

  • Trans Rights are Human Rights

  • No Human Is Illegal

  • Science is Real

  • Water is Life

  • We Live on Stolen Land

Individual opinions may vary, but this is a safe space. Any attempts at debate these ideas or promote hate in any way will be immediately shut down.  

What does 'Wander The Wheel' mean?

The world around us is made up of many interconnected cycles.  The seasons turn from winter to spring, summer to fall, one after another, year after year.  The moon walks through phases month after month, waxing and waning in the skies above us.   There are so many others...the cycles of water, the carbon cycle, the life cycle of plants, and the wheel of the year.  Over and over, these things repeat.  There is consistency and a clear expectation of what is to come next with each. 

However, my spiritual path has not been so straightforward.  I've spent many years wandering through different organizations, practices, and studies, trying to find my place in the world.  I research, study, and try to grow, but I still don't quite know where I'm going.  I honor the consistency of the cycles and try to find where I belong, but for now, I simply wander through the wheel of the year, year after year, until I find my true path.  

Who am I? 

My name is Amber, and I am the face behind Wander the Wheel.  So, who am I?  I tend to say "IT by day, hippie by night."  I'm a Neopagan Polytheist, wandering through the cycles of life.  I'm a mom of two who has a passion for nature and technology.  I love al things geek-life from board games to book collecting, and movies to mythology.  I'm a plant-addicted education junking who is always learning something new.  I've spent my life learning, exploring, and trying to find connection to the cosmos while living in a technology-focused world.  

I am also fiercely dedicated to the ideas of reciprocity, love, compassion, kindness, courage, and equality.  

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